Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Do I Get To Da Lake?

Hi Everbuddy!

Lots of anipals bin asking me how dey gets to da lake so I thought I would update yoo on how to gets der.

Where is it?

Petie's lake house is in Eight Foot Falls, Manitoba, Canada

On Friday nights starting May 27, 2011 all da anipals makes dey way up to da lake.  Yoo can take bus if yoo wants.  It's called da LakeWifPetie Green Bus and it comes right to yoo house to gets yoo.  I dwive it myself since I gots a green bus license.

If yoo would rather takes a plane der, den we has Air Lily which is a vewy nice airline dat @LilyLuWhoT runs.
But if yoo takes da plane yoo gots to get to da airport - da airport is Logan International Anipal Airport and all airport limos dwive der in record time, no matter where yoo lives.

If yoo would rather takes @DuchessCrabtree 's teleportation machine den yoo needs to schedule dat wif her.
Dis machine will takes yoo to da lake in da blink of an eye.

Also, If yoo is gonna dwive yoo should go to MapQuest and puts da addwess in and gets diwections.  When yoo gets to da lake yoo gots to look fur dis sign:

Der yoo go.  Yoo is all set now.

Well, dats it fur now.  Yoo best start packing!

Yoo can always DM me on Twitter, (@FreshOtis) or send me peemail wif any questions.  My peemail addwess is

Friday, May 20, 2011

One Week Till Da Lake!

OMD! I cannot wait to go to da Lake with Petie!!

I just realized it is only one week away!

Petie and his fambly will be going dis weekend and dey gonna gets everthing all ready fur us.  
I is going sumtime dis week to get sum anipal things ready too.
 Check dis bloggy all dis week fur updates!

Is yoo ready??