Thursday, December 27, 2012

Finally! A Schedule!

Sorry it's so last minute, but there's finally a schedule for #WCLWP this weekend.

Friday, Dec. 28 6 PM ET - Gather at Lake. Snacks will be catered by our favorite Lake with Petie caterers, @FreshOtis and @MickeyShortTail.

Saturday, Dec. 29 - Breakfast on your own. There'll be a buffet set up featuring just about everything you can think of. Look at these goodies!

Fill up, cuz you're gonna need the energy. Pack your warmest clothes, too, cuz we're going ice sailing on the lake! We'll meet lakeside at 11 AM ET.

After sailing, the big green bus will take you into town so you can get lunch. Or you can raid the kitchen - it'll be fully stocked with everything you could possibly want.

Also pack your very best outfit! Saturday night, our favorite caterers will be back with a banquet and dancing!
The fun will start at 6 PM ET. We'll have music and dancing from 7 to 11 PM ET and barktenders from 6 PM til Midnight ET.
Sunday, Dec 30 - The buffet will be set up again for brunch from 11 AM to 1 PM ET. EK & Candy wanted to do something special this year for #WCLWP, so they're gonna set up an omelet bar and make omelets to order, too.

The rest of Sunday is on your own. There's always lots to do! The ice boats are rented for the whole weekend! There will also be jet skis, skating, and anything else you'd like to do.

I hope you can all join us. Use #WCLWP to join the fun. It's gonna be pawsome!

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