Friday, April 22, 2011

Prepawrations Fur Lake With Petie 2011

Dat's Right Anipals!  It almost time fur da #LakeWithPetie summer weekends!

As yoo can imagine der is so much to do to prepaw fur da camping up at da lake.  I decided to gets a list togeva to helps yoo all start shopping and packing fur da lake. Petiethecat is so so excited to host deese weekends fur all his dear pals and we thanks him and his fambly so much for inviting us once again.

Da First Weekend at da lake is gonna be Friday, May 27, 2011
So throw yoo leash away, gets yoo bathing suits and polish yoo kayaks!
Here we go!


Camping Equipment Checklist

 Standard Camping Equipment
____ Tent - Standard Tent to fit as many anipals as yoo wants
____ Screen House or SunPuddle Napping Location
____ Camping Table – Fur all da noms we gonna be eatin
____ Folding Chair(s) – unless yoo rather be on da ground catching bugs
____ Cooler – Fur impawtant yummy dwinks
____ Sleeping Bag – Fur cuddling wif yoo favorite anipal or furriend
____ Air Mattress or Camping Mat – if yoo gots arthritis in yoo paws
____ Blankies – lots of dem.  It can gets cold at da Lake.
____ Pillows – to put yoo head on or if yoo wants to sleep on it
____ Lantern / Flashlight (extra mantles fur lanterns and bulbs fur flashlights)


____ Camping Axe / Standard Axe / Maul / Sledgehammer & Splitting Wedge (depending on yoo specific needs) – we chops up lots of wood fur da campfire
____ Handsaw – in case it difficult to cut da twee down
____ Multi Purpose Screwdriver or Multi-tool – to be used by anipals wif thumbs
____ Pocket Knife – same as da screwdriver
____ Hammer – fur hammerin stuff
____ Nails – to use wif da hammer
____ Rope & Twine (Good fur making-shift clotheslines) *Avoid da cheap yellow poly rope, it will not hold a knot. – dis impawtant to dwy our clothes and linens

Cooking Equipment

____ Small Propane or Charcoal BBQ - but we cooks mostly on da campfire
____ Propane or Liquid Gas Stove / Cooking Grill / Grate (for campfire cooking)
____ Propane Cylinders, Liquid Gas or Charcoal
____ Pots & Pans - fur cooking or if da kittehs wants to makes noise
____ Utensils
____ Can Opener - to be used by anipals wif thumbs
____ Coffee Pot - fur da NipCoffee
____ Cutting Board
____ Kitchen Knife

Food & Water

____ Condiments: BBQ Sauce / Ketchup / Mustard / Mayo
____ Butter
____ Cooking Oil
____ Cereal
____ Bread
____ Packaged Bagels
____ Packaged Cold Cuts / Cheese
____ Beef, Chickin, Pork, Fish and lots and lots of Toona
____ Eggs
____ Bacon – lots and lots of it
____ Sausage – lots and lots of it
____ Pancake Mix
____ Canned Goods
____ Fruit
____ Water – it impawtant to dwink and not gets dehydrated
____ Milk – fur da kittehs
____ Soda / Juice / Other Dwinks
____ NipCoffee / NipTea / NipHot Chocolate
____ Chips / Pretzels / Popcorn
____ Snack Bars / Dried Fruit
____ Mousemallows and Graham Crackers to makes da S’mores

Purrsonal Hygeine / Toiletries

____ Litter Boxes and Litter
____ Napkins
____ Paper Towels
____ Biodegradable Camping Soap (can be used for washing pots, pans, dishes, and washing yoo fur)
____ Sponge
____ Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Clothing / Shoes / Linen

____ Sunglasses – dis vewy impawtant to keeps yoo eye purrtected
____ Shorts – it can be hot at da lake so yoo might want to wear shorts
____ Shirts – if yoo already gots LakeWithPetie T-Shirt, pwease wear it
____ Bathing Suit – fur da ladies bikinis is ok wif me and speedos fur da boys
____ Sweatpants – if yoo legs gets cold afta being in da lake
____ Socks – or Sockington if he wants to come
____ Underwear - optional
____ Sandals – to keeps yoo paws frum getting sand in between yoo toes
____ Sneakers – fur runnin round
____ Boots – sumtimes der is mud
____ Paw and Bathing Towels

____ Emergency Rain Poncho
____ Heavy Duty Aluminum Foil
____ Can Opener / Bottle Opener / Cork Screw - fur anipals wif thumbs
____ Paper Plates / Cups or Washable Plates & Cups
____ Tablecloth / Clips
____ Camera / Film
____ Batteries
____ Tarp(s) (good fur placing under tents to reduce moisture and fur make-shift shelters)
____ Sunscreen
____ Bug Spray – if yoo not wants to catch any
____ Lighter / Waterproof Matches
____ Newspaper –fur reading or peeing on
____ Extra Tent Stakes (da cheap plastic stakes work well)
____ "Ziploc" bags (handy to keep small electronics dry and fur storing meat or chickin away from da rest of yoo food in da cooler)
____ Garbage Bags (We clean up afta our LakeWithPetie event so dis impawtant dat yoo take ALL of yoo garbage wif yoo! Carry In - Carry Out!) 

Additional List fur purrsonal items yoo may wants or needs to bwing:

____    ______________________________ 
____    ______________________________ 
____    ______________________________ 
____    ______________________________ 
____    ______________________________ 
____    ______________________________ 
____    ______________________________ 
____    ______________________________ 


Dis preliminary list.  We gonna modify it as we gets close to da first #LakeWithPetie weekend.  I takes care of fishing equipment and all activities equipment dat is needed so yoo no gots to bwing anyfing unless yoo gots yoo own special fishing poles or sumtin.

If yoo gots questions, pwease contact @FreshOtis on Twitter or if yoo wants to send me peemail. 


  1. OOOh what a great list Otis- so excited- is gonna be soo much fun Love Petie

  2. Otis, you're so organized! that's one great list. So far I got my tent, my bed, and my tuna. My tent is like the TARDIS - bigger on the inside than on the outside so I can share with pals that don't have their own tent.

  3. it's going to be so much fun1

  4. Otis - you are brilliant for putting together dis list...dis summer we really are going to be organized! I really cant wait to go to Petie's Lake - it will be so good to be with lovely anipals dis summer. We will have so muches fun!
    Pee - Ess: I thot at first dose were my paws in da picture...but maybe not. Lots of us took naps in floaties on the lake! I am planning to do so again.

  5. I would definitely have to have "tripe" on my list of food to bring!!

  6. The best time of the year is #LakewithPetie!

  7. Heeee Heeee... mai favorite item on da list "mousemallows"... MOL! I gots new noodle floaties fur dis season at Petie's Lake. I packin da Cheetos & NipBourbon!! Can't stand da wait til we goez...

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